Developer Portal

Mednet Data API

Mednet provides access to eClinical platform data originated, configured, and captured using the iMednet platform through an http-based REST API. The REST API also accepts data that originated in another eClinical system.

Accessing data using the Mednet API enables customized reporting, migrating and merging datasets, exposing data to external analysis tools, auditing purposes, and more.

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The available data is segmented into individual API endpoints to provide comprehensive access to studies, records, record revisions, subjects, visits, forms, intervals, queries, and more.

View the API Reference Documentation to view details for how you can query API requests to get specific data relevant to your needs.

Getting Access

As a Mednet customer, Sponsor, or CRO you will need to contact your customer service representative to enable access to your data through the API. Your customer service representative will walk you through the process of setting up and getting access to login to the API Developer portal, generate your API keys, and start accessing data.